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Zero Waste Body Scrub (Lavender, Dried Orange Peel & Bergamot, and Rose)

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A body scrub is a well-known body treatment. It treats by exfoliating and hydrating your skin, leaving it smooth. Body scrub contains abrasive-like material that is not too harsh on the skin and functions to remove dead skin cells from the surface leaving your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

GV Medhini's scrub comes in three fragrances

Dried orange peel and bergamot &

It is of utmost importance, for us to ensure that the ingredients in our body scrub are free from chemical or synthetic preservatives. Hence, we have ensured that our ingredients are all-natural and pure. We have utilized the goodness of plant extracts and the oil used in our scrubs is 100% pure and authentic. Also, our scrubs come in convenient aluminum jars (not plastic!) hence it is environmentally friendly. Safe for you and the environment. Because our Earth matters