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Plastic Free Series (Travel Pack) Activated bamboo charcoal shampoo, Pandan coconut lotion, Bentonite clay deodorant.

$15.00 $10.00
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We are hoping that this starter pack will ease you into your transition of leaving single use plastic bottles for your deodorant, lotions and shampoo without having to purchase these items separately.


Its great for travels, as U have all three body care items in one metal can. Its good for the bathroom, it saves space on your shelves. You can claim to have a "plastic free" bathroom, slowly but surely!


The beauty is, when you have used up all these, there is nothing to throw away. The metal screwcap tin can be used to store your gadgets' wires, earphones, brooches and pins.


How much for all these three in a tin? RM35 only.


Come practise mindful consumerism and choose wisely what we put on our body and what we throw away to our landfill. Come support saying NO to one time use plastic bottles and switch to concentrated bars instead.


What we choose to use today will determine the quality of life for our next generation. Choose to leave a less poisoned Earth for our children.