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SAPI 10X Concentrated Soap Nut Extract 100 ml

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SAPI, our homemade multi-purpose cleaner is an all-rounder natural product made up of pure premium soap nuts. Before going on further, what are soap nuts? Soap nuts or Sapindus Mukorossi (AKA soapberries or Chinese Soap Berries) might seem like the new and trendy eco-friendly way of cleaning, but soap nuts actually have been around for centuries. People in Nepal and India as well as Native Americans have known about the amazing cleaning powers of soapnuts for hundreds of years. Sapindus mukorossi — the Soapnut Tree — is native to India and the Himalayas, also widely available in Japan and China. It produces a small, black berry-like fruit that can be harvested between September and February. When the berries are deseeded, and the shells are dried, you can use them to clean anything and everything, but they are most often used as a laundry detergent.
Soapnut shells contain saponin, the natural soap-like substance that produces suds!! When soap nuts get wet, they absorb water and release the saponins, which circulate in the wash water to remove dirt, oils, and particles from clothing. The bubbles that you see comes from saponin. In comparison, commercial laundry detergents mostly contain chemical surfactants, and some are carcinogenic and detrimental to the environment.
The tree itself has some amazing environmental benefits. It has a six-month harvest time each year and can be harvested for almost an entire century!! which means one tree can produce a lot of soapnuts. The tree also helps in the fight against climate change, because it converts carbon dioxide into oxygen and cleans the air.
But the berries are even more impressive. The shells are 100 percent biodegradable for easy composting, they are safe for septic systems, naturally hypoallergenic, gentle to sensitive skin, and won't damage fabrics, skin, or surfaces.
You can ditch shampoo and wash your hair with soap nuts. They are a natural, inexpensive alternative that will leave your hair soft. They are also great for hair growth and preventing hair loss. The vitamins in soapnuts will make your hair shiny and smooth, and if you use them regularly, soapnuts can reduce split ends, tame frizz, and detangle.
Soapnuts can fight dandruff because they are antifungal and antibacterial. They also have insecticidal properties that can kill lice. There is one word of caution when it comes to soapnuts: you want to make sure not to get them in your eyes. Because of those lice-killing properties, they can cause your eyelids to swell.
You can clean your entire house with soapnuts. Just a couple of mashed berries mixed with water will create a powerful, natural solution that can clean glass, cabinets, kitchen surfaces, and dishes. They are odorless, so if you want a fragrance, simply add a few drops of essential oils. Soapnut liquid soap solution is also great for cleaning electronics, polishing jewelry, or even washing your car.
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SAPI is available in 4 different variants (fragrances). Choose from Original, Vetiver, Spices of Life & Sakura